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Cyber Learning Management System

Knowledge is Key

We at Cygularity believe that Education and Knowledge sharing is best tool you can give to your team. We will build 'Customised' training solutions on Cyber Security for your organization workly closely with your IT & HR Teams to train and help your organization. A well educated and trained team and help build a culture of Cyber Hygiene.

We’re all human; we commit mistakes. But there are a plethora of people who are trying to take advantage of single silly mistake which can cost your business tremendous financial loss. Advanced technology and security practices, no matter how sophisticated, will always be constrained by this human factor.


In-depth training should be provided to your employees to ensure the awareness of different attack vectors. This training must be done at regular intervals to ensure every employees understand the importance of Cyber Hygiene®

Regular People-Risk Assessment of employees can reduce the cyber risk considerably.

To use incentive mechanism to foster the Employee for attention towards security aspect.

Decentralize the Security Function in the organization.

Computers and mobile devices store, process and transfer highly valuable information.  As a result, your organization most likely invests a great deal of resources to protect them.  Protect the end point and you protect the information.  


Humans also store, process and transfer information, employees are in many ways another operating system, the HumanOS.   Yet if you compare how much organizations invest in securing people compared to computers and mobile devices, you would be stunned at the difference.

Lets take a look.  Organizations typically invest the following in protecting an end device, including Anti-Virus Patching VPN Host-Based Prevention System Two-Factor Authentication Vulnerability Scanning End-point Encryption Log Monitoring Go down that list and add up the cost for each computer.  Then add support contracts, help desk phone calls, and how many FTE (Full-Time Employees) it takes to maintain all of this technology.  You probably end up spending  $100 ( RM 400) a device, $200 ( RM 800) a device?  Now, go through the exact same process and determine how much you are investing in securing your employees, how much per person?  Hear those crickets chirping?  Your organization is most likely spending 10x to 20x the time and resources  securing technology as it does securing the HumanOS.

SECURE IT NOW before you lose 'Reputation', 'Customers' and 'Money'.

Adult Education Course

In the People-Process-Technology triad, the weakest link is the People of an organization. According to various reports 78% of the security professional think the biggest threat to endpoint security is the negligence among employees for security practices.

We train your Team Members/ Employees from the stage of Induction to Exit from the organization. In our Annual Engagement plan with you ( minimum 12 month Contract). You will have the following -

1. Quarterly Training Intervention ( Team / CXO)

2. Weekly 'Cyber PHISDAY' done every Friday.

3. Monthly HR Team Intervention ( Posters, ScreenSavers & Games)

4. Bi Annual - Executive BootCamp for all Senior Managers till CXO.

Online Workshop
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