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Cyber resilience is your ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks and data breaches while continuing to operate effectively. It takes the concept of Cyber Quotient® (CQ) a step further.

An organization is cyber resilient when they can defend against cyber threats, have adequate cybersecurity risk management, and can guarantee business continuity during and after cyber incidents.  

Cyber resilience, alongside attack surface management, has emerged over the past few years because traditional security controls such as penetration testing and security questionnaires are no longer enough to minimize cyber risk.

The objective of Cynergy® cyber resilience is to maintain your ability to deliver goods and services at all times. This can include the ability to restore regular mechanisms, as well as the ability to continuously change or modify mechanisms on an as-needed basis even after regular mechanisms have failed, such as during a crisis or after a security breach.

Individual intelligence and resilience is measured in terms of IQ ( Intelligence Quotient ) and by EQ ( Emotional Quotient ); but given the connected world we live in today, where Individuals, organizations and Governments are all interconnected, time has perhaps come to introduce another dimension. We are calling it CQ ( Cyber Quotient).


What is your Cyber Quotient ?

We examine what organizations are doing to protect themselves from Cyber Attacks. Cygularity has built a proprietary Risk Assessment Engine, to let you measure the Risk of your organization from Cyber Attacks.

Cyber Quotient® risk assessments are used to identify, estimate, and prioritize risk to organizational operations, organizational assets, individuals, other interdependent systems, resulting from the operation and use of information systems. 

The primary purpose of Cyber Quotient® is to help inform decision-makers and support proper risk responses. They also provide an executive summary to help executives and directors make informed decisions about security.


We’re all human; we commit mistakes. But there are a plethora of people who are trying to take advantage of single silly mistake which can cost your business tremendous financial loss. Advanced technology and security practices, no matter how sophisticated, will always be constrained by this human factor.


In-depth training should be provided to your employees to ensure the awareness of different attack vectors. This training must be done at regular intervals to ensure every employee understands the importance of Cyber Hygiene®

Regular People - Risk Assessment of employees can reduce the cyber risk considerably.

To use incentive mechanism to foster the Employee for attention towards security aspect.

Decentralize the Security Function in the organization.

Simply put Cynaptics® is the UBER, AIRBNB of the Pentesting Universe. It addresses two core needs of the market.


Pentesters / Small Pentesting Firms : They need projects / jobs / assignments. Often these individuals / small setups do not have the marketing budgets to garner business. Hence, they are not able to reach beyond their immediate contacts.

Organizations :They need to check the cyber health of their setup. Often they cant afford a full time Pentester on their team to ensure cyber compliance. Even if and when they do take actions the cost is very high and it impacts their business profitablity.

Cynaptics® is a platform which brings these two needs together, to give a robust, cost effective solution to the organization and revenue to pentesters.


For many organizations (unless you work for a large organization), building a SOC may seem like an impossible task. With limited resources (time, staff, and budget), setting up an operations center supported by multiple security monitoring technologies and near-real-time threat updates doesn’t seem all that easy. In fact, you may doubt that you’ll have enough full-time and skilled team members to implement and manage these different tools on an ongoing basis.

That’s why it’s essential to look for ways to simplify and unify security monitoring to optimize your SOC processes and team while making the SOC build, cost effective. This is the core thinking behind Cynapsis SOC.

Your organization is under constant surveillance by threat actors looking for gaps in your security posture. Automated scanners actively seek out open ports to gain access to your network, while employees pick up malware from infected websites and phishing emails. You have invested in a battery of overlapping security tools, yet the breaches continue.Make it stop. Cynapsis is a powerful service that prevents unwanted and dangerous outbound connections from your network, and prevents data theft.

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